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Cooking something new #1 - Stir Fry

Recently my husband and I decided we 1. really needed to start cooking more meals 2. we really needed to start adding more healthy meals into our life. Not just because it's good for us but because we both have had some recent change in our health and we knew just changing our eating habits would benefit both of us a lot.
 So we decided to try something easy and wasn't that hard to mess up for our first meal.

This is our first attempt at cooking stir fry, overall we had a basic understanding on how to make it just had never given it a try before. We didn't end up following a recipe, just decided to come up with stuff as we went. Basically our plan was to just decide upon what vegetables we liked most and go off of what we had seen in other stir fry's before.

The hard part was trying to find the right sauce for the chicken and what to use to season the fried rice with. Luckily we have an amazing store only a mile down the road that is an all natural farmers market grocery store called sprouts. I decided to go find spices for the fried rice while my husband went to choose the sauce for the chicken.
I found a pre-mix pack of spices that just required 1 cup of water, an egg, and then you just throw it into the rice, super easy.
He of course chose a panda express orange sauce for the chicken, no big surprise there since that's what he normally orders when we get Chinese food.

 Next we just had to decided on what veggies we wanted to add. We both have very different taste in our vegetables and sometimes have a hard time agreeing on the same kind.
Since we were trying something new we decided to just go all for it and pick out everything we both loved and combine it all together.
I picked the green onion, yellow pepper, orange pepper, and celery. He picked the mushrooms, white onion, green pepper, and carrots.
Then we both decided it still need more veggies so we agreed to add snow peas, broccoli, and you can't have a stir fry without water-chestnuts of course!

Now fun part begins, we went home with all of our groceries and started cooking! I manged the slicing, dicing, steaming of the veggies(and picture taking of course) while he handled the cooking the chicken, fried rice, and sauteing the veggies.

So just follow the pictures below to get a feel for the process of us trying to cook our first something new meal.
(recipe and commenting section is at the end of the pictures) 

Overall it turned out great!
We both agreed that it could had used some more chicken, but it really didn't end up mattering because of all the veggies we added. Defiantly would make this again in a heartbeat. It's way cheaper then ordering Chinese food and it's all natural and fresh. The best part was that it only took us 1 hour to prep and cook everything, a great success to our first something new meal!

We really didn't have much of a measuring system we just eyeballed everything and hoped it turned out perfect. These are all just a guess of measurements based upon what you see in the pictures above.
1 ½ mushrooms
¼  chopped celery
½ sliced carro
t¼ green onion
½ white onion
¼ green pepper
¼  yellow pepper
¼  orange pepper
2 cups of broccoli
 1 ½ of show peas
¼ water-chestnuts
4 chicken tenderloins glazed with panda express orange sauce and baked at 350 for 45 mins
3 cups white rice
1 packet fried rice seasoning mix (requires 1 cup water and 1 egg)

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