First of all thank you for coming to my page, it means a lot to me that you would take time out of your busy day to come check out my website.

 I was born & raised in the great mitten state of Michigan. I came from a very small town known as cereal city aka Battle Creek. I love Michigan so much!  Most of my Photography experience has originated from Michigan for the past 7 years of my business. With 4 years of Photography experience when I lived in Phoenix, Arizona. Also a wonderful state with beautiful red rocks and beautiful sunsets to make silhouette pictures.

 Some of the main things I photograph are newborns, kids, pregnancy, seniors, couples, engagement, and weddings. I also enjoy photographing  animals, food, and lots of landscape. You can view some of the commercial photos & event photos in my gallery.

I truly love what I do for my profession and have ever since high school. You could almost say I was born for this career every-since I was a kid I've always have had a creative aspect on life and it's beauty. I even had a toy camera that I played with ever since I was 2 yrs old.

See the photos to your right-->

When I was younger I never liked to stand still in pictures, I would always be the goofy one making faces in all of our family photos.

See the photos to your right-->

 I am so glad I have those photos to look back on and will keep forever.

Photography is a form of expression for showing loved ones photos and keeping memories for when we would like to look back at those cherished times. My favorite part of being a photographer is getting a chance to captures those special moments and knowing that I gave them those moments to keep forever.

A Fraction in Time.


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